13 April 2017

A Curious Collection

Vanished Delft is an exhibition of diverse contemporary objects within the historia rooms of Auckland’s Pah Homestead, curated by Anna Miles. Discover More

The Blog

22 March 2017

Strolling Through Ponsonby

Local artist Dean Tercel's relationship with Ponsonby and its surrounds has become an essential part of his creative being.

22 February 2017

Sam Mitchell

The inclusion of old-school style tattoo imagery combined with areas of bold flat colour brings an innocent yet challenging element to Sam's portraiture work.

18 January 2017

Moving Into Space

An artist can make something that takes us somewhere we didn’t expect to go. This can be rejuvenating, and we all want that.

11 January 2017

The Urban Sketcher

Prolific sketcher, Murray Dewhurst is quietly capturing a portfolio of the world rapidly changing around him.

7 December 2016

A Jolt To The Senses

Expect to be challenged by a clutch of galleries in Putiki Street, secreted away behind McDonalds in Arch Hill.

19 October 2016

From A Different Perspective

Ponsonby is a community renowned for its diversity and creativity. It respects those who dare to be different and it values those who, in the face of adversity, live life to the full!

30 August 2016

The Bushman's Son

Grey Lynn portrait artist Terry Fergusson captures the many aspects of human emotion in a raw and unrehearsed manner.

20 July 2016

Grand Exposure

Andrew J. Steel is a 28 year old artist with grand ambitions. His stunning visual wit is everywhere as he steadily works his way towards his goal - New Zealand’s most prolific artist.

6 July 2016

Sam Leitch

Emerging artist Sam Leitch invites the viewer to relate to his work in such a way that it becomes theirs...that his works do the talking, so each viewer connects on their own level.


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