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About Us

Part of the local community

Our sponsorship and contribution to our community is something that adds significant meaning to our lives and work. As proud community members of Greater Ponsonby our support is reflective of our team members. Our annual Cox’s Bay Cleanup, Trees for survival, School sponsorship, Harbour Basketball sponsorship, Barkhaus….

Alongside our Fab Feb Celebration of the LGBTQ community annually. We have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars since we opened our doors in 1996. 

We Love Local

Best Laugh: Blake Street Cafe

Best Rainy Day Activity: Ponsonby Pool Hall 

Best Coffee: Dizengoff

Best Bacon: Orphans Kitchen 

Best Wine Bar: Annabel’s

Best Pizza: Gusto Italiano

Best Pub: Hotel Ponsonby

Best Ceviche: Beau

Best Steak: Ponsonby Road Bistro

Best Croissants & Pastries: Daily Bread