8 December 2017

Blurring The Boundaries

East or west, the central suburbs of Auckland now provide a far better quality of life than they have ever done before. Homeowners know this, and are becoming less territorial about the suburbs they choose to live in.


“Boundaries don’t always matter,” says real estate agent Cheryl Burgess. “In many cases, it’s a particular type of property my clients are looking for, and that could be in Herne Bay, or it could be in Remuera.”

Burgess, who recently joined Ray White Damerell Group from across the other side of the city in Parnell, says she wanted to take the next step in her real estate career and was attracted by the support and forward-thinking philosophy and methodologies offered by Gower Buchanan and Simon Damerell and their team.

“Now that I’m a member of the team here, I can service my network of clients in Parnell a lot more effectively, with regular market updates, via The Quarterly Magazine. I can also offer them a professional legal and conveyancing service, plus have access to an extensive marketing and publicity team. There’s also the vast amount of thought leadership on offer from the management team, though Gower, Simon and now Belinda.”

“We feel that there are some real synergies between our market place and Parnell,” says Buchanan.

“Parnell and its surroundings is a really important suburb for us to have a presence in, because it means we can support our existing clients who currently live in Greater Ponsonby, should they choose to move across the city, particularly for secondary schooling.”

Exceptional secondary schooling is an important benefit of Parnell as a suburb

Exceptional secondary schooling is an important benefit of Parnell as a suburb

Buchanan goes onto say that there is a well-trodden pattern of movement that follows home ownership in Auckland’s central suburbs.

“It’s something like this,” he says. “You start with a bunch of young professionals living together in a flat or an old villa in Grey Lynn. They then meet someone, do pretty well in their career and buy a starter home in Kingsland, Mt Albert, Westmere, Point Chev, or Ponsonby. Then the kids come along and they’re happy with the primary schools in the area, but when it comes to secondary educations, they start to look at school zones across on the other side of the city, where there are great options. A few years later, the kids grow up and leave home, and they think, great, we can sell up and move back to what some might term the fun side of town. And that’s a general pattern we see a lot of, so having someone with Cheryl’s expertise and drive is a real positive for us here at Ray White Damerell Group.” 

Lifestyle living is at its best in Parnell

Lifestyle living is at its best in Parnell

Buchanan goes onto say that Ray White’s central businesses are no longer constrained by pre-determined zones of operation, which means that salespeople can choose to work with a business based on culture, leadership, marketing, and compliance infrastructure - not because of their position in a suburb.

“If you’re a salesperson who has individual relationships with clients, no matter where in Auckland you’re working, we can provide a robust and proven framework to keep you in touch with and service those clients exceptionally well, allowing you to provide a deeper and more meaningful relationships.”


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