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Watch Our Auctions Live

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20 December 2017

Take Your Career To The Next Level

We are all about working with you to grow your business, whilst helping you best represent the clients you work for.



When a salesperson, property manager, personal assistant, administrator or cadet joins our business we know that they are entrusting their future with us. We take pride in this. Our role is to continually invest in our business to create a platform that assists each team member to succeed, grow and develop in their roles and their lives. That platform although important - is not what makes our business great. It’s actually our team culture that is our point of difference. Each individual member contributes to the special fabric that makes up our team culture.

 "Customer satisfaction drives everything we do. Every decision we make must be based upon providing our clients with the best possible service that we can." Gower Buchanan, Ray White Damerell Group Director.



What Do We Stand For


To be the standout team in the area and to have a high performance business in which everyone involved has a deep sense of pride.


Service Driven By Customer Satisfaction.
A High Performance Culture.
Innovation Is A Core Value.
Absolute Integrity.
Care And Support For Each Other.
Shared Guardianship of the Environment.


To achieve the best possible outcome for every client we work with and to nurture clients for life.

Meet The Team

When you choose to join Ray White Damerell Group you will be supported by a team of industry leaders. All of them are focused on assisting you to grow and scale your business so as to achieve the best possible price for every property you market. We provide an environment designed to help you succeed.


Company Director
With over a decade in the industry Gower has a proven track record as a salesperson, auctioneer, strategist and business owner.


Director of Sales
Belinda’s core focus is ensuring our sales team delivers the best service possible to every one of our valued clients.


Company Director
A strong belief in customer service, client participation, communication and high standards of ethics.

Every salesperson has the opportunity to tap into our industry leading marketing team for strategic assistance and advice - to ensure that the key points of difference particular to yourself is going to be accentuated whether its through print, online or social. As a salesperson you also have the opportunity to leverage off our strategic partnerships exclusive to ourselves - such as The Marketing Store, Activepipe, DataCreative, HomePass. Examples can be found further in this article. When it comes to marketing our aim is to be as responsive and nimble as possible whilst also having a clear understanding and definition of success.

Your online presence has never been more important. At Ray White Damerell Group we always want to be at the forefront of marketing our agents and properties. In late 2015 we made the decision to develop our own company website to stand apart from the crowd. After 6 months of development we believe we have created one of the best real estate websites in the country and we are continually innovating with new features to stay one step ahead of the competition.

We employ a team of writers and photographers to create engaging content ranging from property, local interest stories and market insights for our blog every week. This content is viewed by over 100,000 people every month through our media channels including the website, Facebook and our newsletters.

The Quarterly is our magazine sent to our clients to keep them informed on statistics and analysis of the local real estate market, along with articles relating to local people, places, and events.

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A monthly blog post and email produced by Ray White Damerell Group to keep our clients informed of monthly market changes and provide analysis on these changes from our local experts.

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A weekly email produced by the company on your behalf to showcase our new listings and provide articles on topics relating to the property market. This email is sent every Thursday.

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Marketing Tools At Your Disposal

Activepipe is an online, automated lead-generation tool which proactively helps you identify and manage potential vendors and buyers. Once signed up to Activepipe via your MyDesktop database, they will then start receiving a series of communications that are tailored to the web content they are engaging in, keeping your clients informed with relevant, personalised and fully responsive information emails. These include weekly listings, open home reminders and request for appraisal.
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Data Creative allows you to create personalised video content in a matter of seconds. Exclusive to Ray White and fully integrated with MyDesktop, Data Creative is a powerful video marketing solution that will help you get ahead of your competitors.
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The Marketing Store is a web-based, mobile friendly store that allows salespeople to utilise templates to generate well-designed documents on the go whenever needed. These templates are created in by the Marketing team in collaboration with the sales team and compliance manager to ensure they are compliant, on brand and relevant to the market.
Example Document

The MyDesktop system has evolved constantly with hundreds of features being added to the system. The industry’s leading people and property listing platform customised to our office’s needs provides integration with One System components.
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Increase your service levels with Homepass technology and give every visitor a brilliant mobile experience – from the moment they arrive. Plus, it’s integrated with MyDesktop.
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Our in house marketing team can help you with most of your social media.
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Our Auctions

The homes we sell are unique. The way we sell each one should be too. In 2015 we made two major decisions that have cemented us as auction leaders within Greater Ponsonby Real Estate.
The decision to move our Auctions to The Sapphire Room in Ponsonby Central came from a desire to ensure that uniquely Greater Ponsonby homes were sold in a quintessential Ponsonby space. With its high ceilings, recycled wooden floors and air of industrial chic The Sapphire Room has the feel of a cool urban loft. Alive with natural light its industrial windows showcase expansive views across the rooftops to the distant Waitakeres.

WE ONLY HAVE ONE CHANCE TO REPRESENT OUR CLIENTS PROPERTY. WE DON'T LEAVE ANYTHING TO CHANCE.Flying Gavin Croft in as our Auctioneer and Trainer is a large investment that we make on a weekly basis. Our commitment to being the best auction strategists and marketers means that we must utilise one of the best auctioneers in Australasia. What makes him the best? His ability to extract more money on the auction floor than any other person we have ever worked with. No training is ever the same with Gavin - which means that on a weekly basis we are challenged to grow and develop as individuals and as a collective team.


Our Team Culture


If this is the definition of culture, how do we fit within this? Every single fibre in our body is made up of achieving the best price for every home we sell. This idea drives every decision we make about every part of the real estate process and how we interact with each other.

When each person in the team has confidence in achieving the best possible price a massive sense of pride is created. That pride in each deal and each other means that we will never seek anything, but a win for our clients and a win for one another. This pride is what holds an incredibly diverse group of people and personalities together.



Team culture will ensure that in the age of disruption we continue to grow in relevance. It is one that ensures every team member makes client centric decisions and contributions to our business. The trust and confidence that each person has in each other is one of the most wonderful things about our business. Every day we bring to our business an innovative mindset - an aim to disrupt our own business and to make it better for each and every member of our team. When considering a choice of team to join - know that our business combines both experience and youth to provide an environment which we hope will help you grow and develop as a person.

Giving Back

Our director, Simon Damerell has had a lifelong commitment to the environment, personally planting in excess of 2 native trees for each day of his life. To give you an idea of how many trees that is - lets just say he recently applied for his gold card. He sees the Ray White Damerell Group teams enthusiasm for our community projects as a rewarding way to be involved with our local community. Our other director, Gower has also called auctions for Western Springs College and the New Zealand Contemporary Dance Company as well as organising a Christchurch earthquake appeal fundraiser - which raised over $10,000. Make sure to keep an eye on our weekly newsletter and website for any upcoming events or initiatives.



P.A Support

Not only do we contribute to funding a P.A for you. But we also assist you with effectively managing them - the hardest part. What we know is that most salespeople are not great managers. But they still expect great P.As. It can be a lonely job being a single team member in a salespersons business. Our pastoral and management support of this person is crucial to their long term success in the role.

Our role is to:

  • Assist you to define what you want and what you need.
  • Assist with creating the appropriate job description.
  • Advertise and interview alongside you.
  • Assist with reference checks
  • Assist with contracts and remuneration packages.
  • Assist with induction.
  • Ensure that there is a set of standard operating procedures in place so that they can hit the ground running.
  • Invite them to admin and whole team events so that they feel part of a broader team.

Office Locations & Space




We combine high street locations on Ponsonby, Richmond and Mt Albert Roads with 300sqm of office space in the Pompallier Centre on Cowan Street.

Why? For those salespeople who want to scale their business and utilise P.A support we have wonderful light - bright and air conditioned office space available for those who require it. You run a serious business, you need serious space. We have rooms for single high performing team members, pairs or a team of four or five people.

Referral Programme


Working as a Team at Ray White Damerell Group is a fundamental value of our business. With this referral programme our Sales team team work together to create leads that will turn into a management for our Property Management team. The Salesperson involved in generating the lead is rewarded, and so it's a win for both parties.

*Terms & Conditions Apply

To discuss any of the above in further detail, please contact Gower Buchanan on 0274 484 943 or


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