Watch our Auctions Live!
Watch our Auctions Live!


Your property is special - we treat it with the respect it deserves.

When we represent your property we don’t leave anything to chance.

When we moved to 3 Pompallier Terrace, we gained a dedicated space to run the business more effectively. This provided us with fantastic rooms in the heart of Ponsonby, which we custom-designed to auction our vendor properties. Spacious, light-filled and warm. It is a convenient and uplifting environment in which to do business.

We will be there with you every step of the way – that is our commitment to you.

We have an adaptable approach to auctions, and prefer to take time, to listen to our clients’ needs and work towards the best outcome. Some agencies promote auctions on site as the best way to sell property. However we achieve optimum results by having control over the environment. Having our own auction room ensures we are unaffected by the distractions of weather, parking and noise. When we are settling the terms of exchange for property, we need a high level of professionalism.

That’s why we have also secured the professional skills of some of Australasia's most experienced auctioneers. We regularly see them achieving a premium price for our sellers that we are confident other auctioneers could not achieve. We are proud to offer this level of service to clients who entrust us with the sale of their property.

When buying or selling property at auction, the more informed you are on the process the better. Your agent is happy to advise you with any information you need.

When the auction process takes place, it is transparent as all competitive bids come out into the open in quick succession. There is a certain amount of game-playing and strategy at work - which can either be exciting or daunting - especially for those who lack confidence and are unsure about what they are doing.

At the auction, the auctioneer asks for an opening bid and then offers increments by which the bidding can be raised. For example, they might suggest bids of $10,000 increments but sometimes they go as low as $500. To bid, buyers simply hold up their hand, nod their head to attract the auctioneer’s attention or call out.

When the bidding has reached the reserve price agreed by the seller, agent and auctioneer - established from feedback given by interested parties to the agent - the property is ‘on the market’. The auctioneer seeks to elicit all possible bids from buyers. The property will sell to the highest bidder, at the fall of the hammer. Going, going, GONE!

If it does not meet reserve, the agent and auctioneer consult prospective buyers to get the property sold.

If you are interested in a bidding for a property at auction, you must register your interest formally with an agent. That way, if somebody makes a pre-auction offer you will be contacted and given the opportunity to submit an offer.

If you want to see our auctions in action, you are warmly invited to our Thursday auctions at 3 Pompallier Terrace.

Auction Standard Conditions

Auction – Standard Conditions

Standard Conditions Of Sale and Conduct of Auction as approved by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand Incorporated and by Auckland District Law Society Incorporated.


  • The property and the chattels included in the sale are sold on these Particulars and Conditions of Sale, the General Terms of Sale and any further Terms of Sale.
  • GST will be payable in accordance with the statement of the purchase price in the Memorandum of Contract.
  • The GST date is:
  • The settlement date is:
  • The interest rate for the late settlement is:


  • The property is offered for sale subject to a reserve price and, subject to the reserve price being met, the highest bidder whose bid is accepted by the auctioneer shall be the purchaser.
  • The auctioneer may nominate the sum by which the bidding can be raised.
  • The auctioneer may refuse any bid.
  • The auctioneer or the licensed real estate agent acting for the vendor in respect of the sale may submit a bid on behalf of any person. The auctioneer shall identify a person so acting before the commencement of bidding.
  • The vendor reserves the right to bid personally, by a representative, or through the auctioneer and to withdraw the property at any time before it has been sold and without declaring the reserve price.
  • If a dispute arises concerning any bid, the auctioneer will determine the dispute or re-offer the property at the last undisputed bid.
  • The purchaser shall immediately on the completion of the auction;
    • Sign the memorandum of Contract failing which the auctioneer may sign on behalf of the purchaser.
    • Pay to the vendor's licensed real estate agent the deposit being 10% of the purchase price unless otherwise agreed; and
    • Complete its GST information in Schedule 1, if applicable.

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